Rainbow Obsidian Cuff Bracelet by Jimmy Calabaza


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This is a Jimmy Calabaza cuff bracelet. It is a Rainbow Obsidian bracelet: weight 4.9 oz including the obsidians. This beautiful Ca`Win rainbow obsidian is exceptional. If you look carefully into the large stone, you may see the cat’s eye* within the stone. The outside opening is 1 3/12” and the inside width is 2 3/12” sterling silver. The larger of the 2 stones is set in a decorative and raised setting and the smaller stone is set in a plain set so as to enhance the stone to its best. The inside of the cuff is embellished with a stamped native American symbol and is signed by Calabaza, as all his pieces are. The weight is 4.9 oz including the obsidians. The length is 2 ¾, width is 2.5”, and the height is 2.5”. This set of the pendant, bracelet and the necklace are a true treasure, one that will last in your family forever.