Our Mission at Luxury Dream Designs

At Luxury Dream Designs we create high-end, decorative pillows for the sophisticated buyer with an appreciation for handmade items. Fill your home with luxurious decor using our accent and throw pillows. Our designs feature a wide arrange of patterns, materials, colors, and textures to suit all tastes and times! Our boutique includes brands such as Jimmy Calabaza who is one of our favorite Native American artists from the Santo Domingo pueblo known for his bold designs and feature in the Smithsonian.

Here you may also find pieces that highlight the use of natural stones created and designed by Caroll’s jewelry company. Additionally, our Silkroad Collection consists of unique clothing and accessories brought to you from Central Asian, Tibetan, Indian, Nepalese, and Chinese cultures. These treasures are curated for their high quality, diverse techniques, and timeless style. All of our exquisite creations that you will be proud to wear support and enrich female artisan communities.