Signed Jimmy Calabaza Rainbow Obsidian Cuff Bracelet


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This beautiful Ca`Win Rainbow Obsidian is exceptional. If you look carefully into the large stone, you may see the cat’s eye* within the stone. The outside opening is 1 3/12” and the inside width is 2 3/12” sterling silver. The larger of the 2 stones is set in a decorative and raised setting and the smaller stone is set in a plain set so as to enhance the stone to its best. The inside of the cuff is embellished with a stamped native American symbol and is signed by Calabaza, as all his pieces are. The weight is 4.9 oz including the obsidian stones. The length is 2 ¾, width is 2.5”, and the height is 2.5”. This set of the pendant, bracelet and the necklace are a true treasure, one that will last in your family forever. The size is small to medium wrist. If you were inclined to change the size larger or small, IT MUST BE DONE BY A QUALIFIED JEWELER