How to style: Spring into Season with these Scarves

Intro to scarves

The scarf has been a trending, timeless article of clothing! They are used for many different purposes (and are not limited to): fashion, team merchandise, religion, weather, and much more. Personally, I love scarves during the winter so I can hide in my scarf when it gets too chilly.

Though, I do know some people that love wearing scarves in spring or summer. Scarves can be worn around your neck in different ways, as well as even some ways that can cover your head. It can be used as a means of shade from the beaming sun in some cases, making it super versatile.

For now, we are going to showcase how to fashion scarves around your neck in this article!

How to style scarves

The specific scarf needed for this is a long scarf and either someone to help tie this scarf onto you, or just yourself! Different ties that we will be exploring today is: The Simple Loop, Back Drape, Celebrity Knot, and Pretzel Knot. Let’s begin! Below are four different visuals to show you how to do these different scarf-ties!

Step by step on how to do “The Simple Loop” style for a scarf
Step by step on how to do “The Back Drape” style for a scarf
Step by step on how to do “The Celebrity Knot” style for a scarf
Step by step on how to do “The Pretzel Knot” style for a scarf


We hope that after these little tutorials, that you are able to fashion scarves with any outfit that you have. Step out of your comfort zone and bring some patterns into your wardrobe. We would love to see all your outfits with different scarves, feel free to check out our website for a beautiful selection of scarves as well!

Over and out,
Joyous Jellyfish