Designing With Colors

Colors send us conscious and subconscious messages. Sometimes we are aware of the colors around us and sometimes we are oblivious to them.

Examples of conscious thoughts about color are varied. For example, is the baby shower present for a boy or girl? Should it be blue or pink? If the baby’s gender is unknown, we may look for yellow or green.

Semi-conscious thoughts are prolific as well. A red traffic light and a green traffic light have very definite, but diametrically opposed messages. Yellow lights force us to make decisions about stopping or proceeding through intersections. Red lights force us to stop. Green lights encourage us to proceed.

Unconscious thoughts have very powerful responses. Lavender, periwinkle, and purple wallpaper may just make you smile and remark how much you love it because it is made of your favorite colors. Those colors are anchored to feelings and resulting thoughts.

Ultimately, color is important!

What was the last color you had a visceral reaction to? What is your favorite color? Why?

Off to another beautiful flower,
The Bumble Bee